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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 21, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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milwaukee. there are four people with non-life-threatening injuries and three more people are on the way to the hospital. the swat team is there searching for the shooter. they say they know who the suspect is and he is believed to have fled the scene, but the mall reportedly is on lockdown. joining me now on the telephone is lisa malone. she is the owner for the brookfield area. can you add anything more to what we know? >> unfortunately, i'm not privy to these details. our professional police are obviously pretty busy in an ongoing tactical situation and don't have time to call us at the moment, but i can tell you a little bit about our community, if you're interested. >> i am, of course, and i was just going to say that it's a given they wouldn't necessarily call you first, but do, tell us about the community. >> well, the community is probably one of the more aft
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affluent community suburbs in the area. it's a highly desired place to live with great schools, et cetera. where the shooting took place is in a large retail commercial corridor. in fact, it's probably one of the largest in southeast wisconsin, so the city of brookfield population is about 38,000, but with this commercial corridor, we almost triple that in population in daytime hours with transients who come to shop in the area and so forth. so although we are typical sleepy suburban area because of the commercial corridor, it invites in a lot of other people which has been to the benefit of the community but then also it, you know, creates situations like this. not to say that this happens on a regular basis, because certainly it does not. >> of course not. this would have been a very busy place on a sunday morning, right? >> yeah. it was probably just starting to get busy. i don't think the mall actually opens until noon, maybe 11:00 at the earliest.
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i was actually kind of surprised to hear that azana where the shooting might have taken place was in my district, i was actually kind of surprised that they were even open on a sunday. it could have been a lot busier time, but fortunately, things were probably just kind of getting up and running in the community. >> i know that oak creek, wisconsin was not and is not in your community, but we remember the sikh shooting that took place on a shooting back in august. there has to be this sense of, oh, no, not again. >> maybe. again, this is such an isolated incident. i can't help but think that there is probably some motivation or connection with the shooter and some of the victims. i don't know, obviously. that will all be hashed out once it's said and done, and hopefully we can contain the shooter and prevent any more tragedy from occurring here. but i can hear my neighbors outside still leaf blowing and others are continuing on. not to say they're not concerned about the situation, but i don't think that people in the
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community feel threatened or, you know, feel like they have to, you know, lock up and stay inside for safety. >> i understand. lisa malone, thanks for putting it in perspective, an alderman in the area where this shooting took place. we'll continue to keep in touch with you. we'll monitor this information as it becomes available. now let's move to other news of the day. george mcgovern, a presidential candidate in 1982, has died. he vehemently opposed the war in vietnam. he entered hospice care last week near his home in south dakota. here's a look back at mcgovern's life and his legacy. george mcgovern lived a fascinating life. america's leading liberal came from republican parents. an out spoken critic of war who was a world war ii hero. he earned a phd in history and then went on to make history.
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mcgovern first went to washington in 1957, representing south dakota in the house and then later in the senate where he served 18 years. he was among the first to challenge america's involvement in vietnam. >> i resent the president rubbing this war on his election timetable. i don't think you ought to be playing a numbers game with human lives. and that's what this administration has done. >> his opposition to the war would become a trademark. lesser known, his work helping to reform the democratic nomination party process, scaling back the role of processors and insiders and increasing the role of delegates. it's a system used by both parties today. it was mcgovern's own run for president in 1972 most people remember. it didn't go well. already a long shot against president nixon, it didn't help when his acceptance speech to
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the democratic election was delayed until 2:30 in the morning, long after the huge television audience had gone to bed. then mcgovern was forced to dump his running mate, thomas eagleton, after it was learned he had a history of psychiatric problems. nixon won by a landslide. he boosted the careers of gary hart and then unknown bill clinton. mcgovern would try again in 1974, only to drop out in prit marries. >> the question is not are we better off than we were four years ago, the question is, where will america be four years from now? [ applause ] >> what is the american future? what kind of america do we want to be? >> later in life, the man from the south dakota prairie refocused on a cause he worked
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on in the kennedy administration. using america's agricultural strength to feed families at home and eventually around the world. it would be the legacy he prided most. one expert summed it up best, saying the same trait that cost mcgovern the white house would become the same quality many later admired. george mcgovern's ability to say what others would not. remembering the life of george mcgovern who died today at the age of 90. in other news in lebanon, there is growing rage over the assassination of that country's intelligence regime. protesters clashed with security forces today after al ahsan's funeral. an outspoken critic of the regime was killed in an attack on friday. they protested that it was led
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by hezbollah. he refused to step down despite an earlier effort to have him do so. foreign policy will be the main subject of tomorrow's final presidential debate. both president obama and governor romney will be called on to give their vision for that region. cnn's jones gives us that vision. >> the third and final faceoff between president obama and governor romney will focus entirely on foreign policy. from afghanistan to pakistan, to israel, iran and the changing middle east, the candidates will spar over america's role in the world, the new face of terrorism and how to deal with the rise in china. with polls showing the president's advantage over romney on foreign policy has narrowed since the summer, mr.
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obama tried to highlight one of his biggest foreign policy accomplishments at a light-hearted charity dinner in new york. >> monday's debate is a little different because monday's topic is foreign policy. spoil spoiler alert: we got bin laden. >> he also poked fun at his opponent. >> some of you remember, after my foreign trip in 2008, i was attacked as a celebrity because i was so popular with our allies overseas. i have to say i'm impressed with how well governor romney has avoided that problem. >> for his part, romney could try again to bash the president for his administration's messy response to the attack in libya last month and link it to what he says is a failed approach to the region. >> this calls into question the president's whole policy in the middle east. look what's happening in syria, in egypt, now in libya.
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consider the distance between ourselves and israel when the president said he was going to put daylight between us and israel. >> both candidates face a challenge monday night. >> the challenge for president obama is going to be defining the middle east strategy going forward. i mean, he's had some successes, he's had some things that are still pretty murky. >> romney's past could be bigger. >> i think for romney there is a broad challenge, and that is, how do you drill down into specific policies? the republican party hasn't really figured out what a republican foreign policy looks like. after the bush administration, i think romney has been uneager to really delve into that. >> so while important for many voters, foreign policy ranks far below the economy. >> if you're mitt romney, every second you're talking about foreign policy is wasted. which might mean that romney tries to break out of that and
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tries to bring home some of the foreign policy issues to domestic economic issues. >> with time running out, this is their last chance to make their case to millions of voters in a single night. athina jones, cnn, washington. now we know what the candidates could discuss. we'll hear from an expert on foreign policy for his take, right after this. trust duracell...?? duralock power preserve. locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. now...guaranteed. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere. but what about your wrinkles? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. why wait if you don't have to. neutrogena®. in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones.
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when president obama and former massachusetts governor mitt romney face off for the final time monday night, the mideast is likely to be pretty high on their a general dachlt joining us now is aaron david miller, president of the scholars. thank you for joining us. when you think about iran, libya and afghanistan, how big will the middle east be in tomorrow night's presidential debate and what could the impact have on voters in. >> you got six segments, examan clearly libya skand iran are gog to be important. why are 6 million americans tuning in to these debates? because in the world of scripted candidates and presidents, these debates, the american public broke the code. these debates actually offer the
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public a chance to see these guys in the so-called wild. and the winner of this debate, the president slept through the first debate, that went to romney. second debate went to the president. it's 1-1. this debate is going to be won by the guy who has better talking points, the guy who can appear to be likeable and presidential on these foreign policy issues, and the guy who has better command of the material. now, when it comes to the middle east, the president clearly has some strengths. >> let me just walk you through a couple of those talking points, what they may face. let's start with syria. what should the u.s. do about syria? if we don't do anything, al qaeda is already there sowing the seeds of their influence. do we intervene, do we stay on the sidelines? romney won't say what he would do if he put boots on the ground, but he continues to say the president has done too little. >> obama's argument, if, in fact, it comes up, we're coming
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off two wars in american history where the standard question is not when will we win, but when can we leave? romney is going to challenge him and he's going to say, and the great strength and weakness of the romney foreign agenda is he's got to counteract the presidency. we don't know what mitt romney will do or not, so he can basically say to the president, look, you need to arm me the rebels. you need to seriously consider a no fly zone, but there is a trap there for the governor because that takes america down a road away from the reality that the domestic economy is going to be the key issue. so that's one. israel is another key issue, and here i think the romney campaign really does -- can get some traction in a state like florida. the fact is, the president went after a comprehensive settlement freeze. it failed, and in the process he not only alienated the israelis,
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but he also alienated the palestinians and the arabs as well and made a bad situation worse. >> i'm going to interrupt you because time is always fleeting, and i want to bring up iran because that seems to be the critical issue of the moment for both of these men. what do you do with iran? should a military strike be considered? >> it's going to be considered if neither sanctions nor diplomacy -- and you saw the "new york times" yesterday where these so-called secret contacts which may lead to one-on-one diplomacy may lead to unarmed americans. republicans or democrats, 2013 may well be the year of the decision, either in coming to some sort of negotiated agreement on the issue of enrichment or the option of going to war. three successive administrations have pledged they will not allow iran to make a nuclear weapon.
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it will be a challenge whether it's a democrat or a republican. >> i agree. aaron david miller. we appreciate your in sights. thanks for coming in today. >> you're welcome. take care. our live coverage will begin at 7:00 eastern right here on cnn. lance armstrong is in austin, texas at a fundraising race with thousands of cyclists. we'll hear what some of them think about the controversy that's swirling around him. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one. together for your future. ♪
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lance armstrong. he could be on the verge of losing all seven of his tour de france titles. the international cycling union is expected to respond tomorrow from a report from the u.s. anti-doping agency. that agency wants armstrong stripped of his titles. today lance armstrong was in his hometown of austin, texas for a cycle event at his livestrong charity. he avoided talking about the controversy, again focusing on his foundation. >> if you would have told me that 15 years later that little organization, that little idea would have raised half a billion
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dollars, would have touched 2.5 million lives around the world, i would have told you you're crazy. but those are all true. those have all happened, and it wouldn't have happened without the great support of this city, people like you guys and gals on bikes, people all over the world. >> cnn very victor blackwell is in austin covering that event. vict victor, what are we expecting from the cycling union tomorrow? >> the president of the international cycling union, patrick mcquaid, has scheduled a meeting tomorrow. if the union takes the recommendation of the u.s. anti-doping agency and strips armstrong of the seven titles, then that could start a domino effect where the international olympic committee will consider stripping him of the bronze medal he won in sydney in 200, the oakley shades, the iron man competition. they're waiting for that
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decision from the international cycling union. if they decide not to strip him, that would be vindication for lance armstrong who said this was a witch hunt from the beginning. martin? >> yeah. well, let's talk about the event that you're at. what are people there saying about lance armstrong? >> well, he started this event by speaking to them and saying, i've been worse. i've also been better. he has a lot of support here. i spoke with some cancer survivors who say they support lance armstrong whether he won the tour de france seven times clean and fair or if he indeed did dope. >> i don't know whether he did or he didn't, and for me personally, it's not really relevant. i don't feel like that's the story. the story is this phenomenal person who overcame adversity beyond what most people would ever even imagine overcoming. he overcame testicular cancer that had me ttastized to his brn
11:53 am
and lungs and he overcame that to become a professional athlete and used that success to further the cause of cancer around the world. that's the story to me. >> martin, we'll see what happens tomorrow, but livestrong is calling this a very successful weekend. they say they've raised $4.2 million. back to you. >> cnn's victor blackwell in austin, texas. thanks very much. and we're back after a quick break. imimagaginine e ifif y yod alalwawaysys s seeee l e [m[mususicic]] inin t thehe b besest t lil. eveverery y titimeme o of f. ououtdtdoooorsrs, , oro. trtranansisititiononss® ls auautotomamatiticacalllly y fift ththe e ririghght t amamouountn. soso y youou s seeee e eveg ththe e waway y itit is memeanant t toto b be e ses. mamaybybe e evevenen a lilittttlele b betette. exexpeperirienencece l lifife e, asask k fofor r trtrananss adadapaptitiveve l lene.
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in this insiders, celine
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takes us inside a one of a kind market. >> jerusalem's oldest city is famous for its history and culture, but i love coming to the market on joffa street. this is where you'll find the real tastes and smells of israel. outside the market you have the freshest fruits and vegetables. the produce in this country is really incredible. and inside the market, they have all these breads and sweets and dried fruits and nuts and all these great nibbly things. there is also an alley of different restaurants where people can come and eat lunch. but the thing i like most about this market is you can find israelis and palestinians from all walks of life here. no matter on what the divisions are in this country, people can agree on one thing: good food.
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an update for you now on the breaking news we told you about earlier. there was a shooting at a spa in the city of brookfield. that's a suburb of milwaukee. at least seven people have been hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. swat teams are on the scene of that shooting. law enforcement says police know who the suspect is, and they believe he's fled the scene. we are continuing to gather information. ilt i'll be back in one hour with various information on that. right now, "your money" starts right after this break. but i'm not worried... i use tide vivid detergent and boost. they keep my whites looking like new, wash after wash. that's my tide. but what about your wrinkles? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair
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